Alicia Bust.png

1 year ago
About the content.

So this here be Alicia. In the stories I initially envisioned her in, she was more of your ol' nature loving witch character with a mile wide cranky streak. And with a keen interest on getting people to awaken to their inner potential (whatever that maybe - godhood, longlost ambitions, etc). The more I've played her, the more I've gotten

That and well, phoenix. I haven't drawn her too much as a hybridized peacock phoenix character or in the peacock phoenix gryphon form yet. Should do that after I finish my fourth bust pic for the getting back into art thing.

No special anatomy notes here because you're looking at a human form.

About the creation process.

Drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with ArtFlow. Totes worth the purchase because the pressure sensitivity is amazing! The biggest challenge, though, was making sure my colors were organized correctly while still allowing me the freedom to edit the picture as I pleased. Mostly because ArtFlow doesn't have layer groups. Normally I'd paint in the eyes on a separate layer group, the head on another, but nupe.

Alicia, being the most humanoid of the bunch in her initial design, was pretty simple to draw from the base. There was ooone issue though. I had some runes on her clothing as magical enchantments, but I didn't save the original design at a high resolution! So I had to wing it here. Oops. at least it looks legible.