Sapphira Bust.png

2 years ago
About the content.

So this here be Sapphira. Longest running character I've had, and as you might've also observed, also the one I keep having around as my avatar on places. She's the haustian deity of death in my story stuff. No, not the kind of death as in "derp derp let's rack up bodies", but more the kind of death deity that helps people move onto their next lives. That isn't to say she isn't only involved with the realm of the dead. She cares for living people just as much too. Also a huge techie.

WTF are those lines on the chest, you're asking? Haustians have special chest muscles located around the area where there's normally a sternum for humanoids.

About the creation process.

Drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with ArtFlow. Totes worth the purchase because the pressure sensitivity is amazing! The biggest challenge, though, was making sure my colors were organized correctly while still allowing me the freedom to edit the picture as I pleased. Mostly because ArtFlow doesn't have layer groups. Normally I'd paint in the eyes on a separate layer group, the head on another, but nupe.

The horns in particular were the biggest challenge. The first revision I had of the horns it was well... Really awful. I tilted them at such an awkward angle that it looked like they were just out there like wings instead of actually mounted to the side of her head. Then I sat down and tried visualizing it as a cutout from a mostly flat rectangle. Looks much better now.

Also, it looks like I forgot the scars, but maybe she looks better without the scars?

I'm also not too sure about if I shaded the wavy sideburns right. I might need to go back and twirl my own hair to figure out the shading there.