1 year ago
Quick story behind this. I found #ctjs and thought, "Hey cool an HTML5 FOSS game engine. This'd totally motivate me to try out web development on the front end too!" And then I found out it only imported DragonBones for its skeletal animations.

Granted, yes, I have tried #godot in the past. But Godot's not geared for interactive fiction integration, which is something I also want to delve into.

Then I thought, "Krita'd be great for frame-by-frame animations. That's always future-proof!"

Thus, this. It expands on the pentagram I drew earlier by animating the energy color flow. You can see the pentagram at here. (( #^https://primordial-library.gq/photos/shadowkyogre/image/a63ebdad-0f00-4d80-b85f-f9816abe005f ))

#digitalart #abstract #krita