Rhyoss Bust.png

1 year ago
About the content.

So this here be Rhyoss. He was one of those odd characters I designed after reading a book on the history of popes. Weirdly enough, these days he's not a religious authority figure (still pretty spiritual though). Haven't explored him too much yet. Probably need to roleplay him some more to figure him out.

No special anatomical notes because humanoid.

About the creation process.

Drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with ArtFlow. Totes worth the purchase because the pressure sensitivity is amazing! The biggest challenge, though, was making sure my colors were organized correctly while still allowing me the freedom to edit the picture as I pleased. Mostly because ArtFlow doesn't have layer groups. Normally I'd paint in the eyes on a separate layer group, the head on another, but nupe.

That being said, I'll probably go back and edit this guy's picture again when I've got more of an intuition of how to shape faces the way I want them too. This guy came out uh... A bit older looking than he should be when I initially drew over the bust template? Yeah. Tried to fix that by making chin pointier.

Clothes came out great though. I was worried I would misdraw them until I found my old doodles of him. So huzzah!